Tunnel Vision Pipeline Cleaning & Video Inspection, Inc.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for CCTV Video Inspections?   

1. Routine Operational Requirements - Pro-active inspection to identify potential failures and for planning routine O&M and renovation programs.

2. Trouble shooting - Investigation of problem incidents to select remadial action.

3. Compliance with Mandated Programs - Inspection and data collection to support programs such as C-MOM and GASB-34.

4. Acceptance Testing - Inspection of new or renewed sewers, storm drain and/or waterlines to insure that construction met specifications and to document as-built conditions.

 5. I/I or CIP Projects - Examples of the type projects normally conducted by specialty firms or engineering

Televising is a state of the art technology that allows you to see live footage of the condition of your sewer lines, Storm Drain and/or Waterlines in order to properly diagnose the problem. You will be able to see if your lines are broken, separated, or decaying, along with blockages such as tree roots.
Why does the 20/20 require a 2 man crew? It takes one man to operate the computer system and one man to operate the non-motorized 20/20 push-pull camera. This type of camera is developed for a 2" to 4" pipe or conduit. It has the ability to send the info back to the computer system wirelessly.
What size pipe can you inspect and clean? We can inspect pipe from 2.5" to 200" in diameter, and can clean pipelines from 2.5" to 200"diameter

What kind of inspection equipment do you use? We use Cues trucks, Granite XP software and Sony cameras on transporters.
What is the purpose of the union labor apprenticeship program?
The purpose of the apprenticeship program is to develop a qualified, versatile and safe work force. A skilled work force creates profit for the worker and the contractor. Owners of projects expect contractors to produce a quality project at a competitive price. We strive to have skilled, safe workers to be competitive. Our apprenticeship will give you a combination of on the job experience and off the job training to help us become a valued part of your construction team.
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